These are the general conditions of Hack Tisch. These general conditions are drawn up in January 2015. In summary:

Below, these and a few other conditions elaborated more precise. In a conflict between the summary and the impact the development priority.

  1. Hack Tisch is a sole proprietorship. Hack Tisch is located in Amsterdam and is registered in the Trade Register under no. 56,148,305.
  2. These terms and conditions apply to all legal relationships between Hack Tisch and the client, unless prior to the conclusion of an agreement is agreed in writing. Hack Tisch excludes the applicability of any general terms and conditions by the client out.
  3. All the work is owned Hack Tisch produced by Hack Tisch until the client has paid the fee for this work. This also applies if the product is within the domain (such as server or Office) of the client. If the payment for a product failed Hack Tisch may require that the product is brought directly from a production and is no longer publicly available until the payment has been made. The client must respond to this.
  4. Hack Tisch can enable the implementation of tasks to third parties. Hack at Tisch will exercise due diligence engaging third parties. Hack Tisch is not liable for any acts of third parties. Hack Tisch is authorized to accept any terms and conditions and limitations of liability of third parties to turn on its behalf.
  5. For the execution of a contract, the client's fees, costs (including travel expenses) and pay VAT. Hack Tisch can agree prior to a contract that the client pays an advance. Hack Tisch settle any advances paid with interim invoices and the final invoice for the job. Hack Tisch brings no office costs.
  6. Hack Tisch brings the work to the client monthly fee, unless agreed otherwise in writing. The due date is one month after the invoice date and is listed on the invoice. If payment is not considered within the agreed period has elapsed, the client shall without further notice be in default and Hack Tisch entitled to deal directly and by each succeeding month extra 5% on top of the original amount as long as the failure persists.
  7. Any liability of Hack Tisch towards its clients and third parties for damages arising out of or related to the performance of a contract is limited to the already paid fees for the work in connection with which the damage occurred, with a maximum of € 10,000 . Any claim for damages expire one year after the client is known or can reasonably be aware of the existence of the damage.
  8. The client will indemnify Hack Tisch all claims of third parties in any way connected with the work done Hack Tisch for the client. The client will pay for all legal fees and any damages in connection with these claims to Hack Tisch. This provision does not apply if a claim is the result of intent or deliberate recklessness of Hack Tisch.
  9. These terms and conditions are also made for the benefit of the people who work for Hack Tisch or were or are involved in the performance of any assignment by Hack Tisch.
  10. The relationship between Hack Tisch and her client Dutch law. The court in Amsterdam shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes between the client and Hack Tisch.

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