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Dear guest! Welcome to Hacktisch, we are a small creative collective that builds websites and apps. Take a look at our work or see the manifesto to read our vision on the web development sector.

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  • Work process

    The following is the regular process when building a website or app.

    1. You send us a description of your plan, or we make an appointment to talk in person. This is non-committal.
    2. We send you an offer based on your request.
    3. Unless you deliver a design, we will take care of the design with our designers. We propose this design to you, and the necessary changes in design can then still be processed. Once the design has been approved, we will start building the site.
    4. Converting the design to a working website (code) will require some amount of time, varying from a week to several months. This depends on the complexity of the project and the necessary intermediate meetings. You will be involved in the process where it is necessary. With large projects we will divide the payment in several parts during the process (per month or milestone)
    5. Once the project is finished and the final invoice has been paid, the website or app can go live. We will also offer help at this point by installing the website at a webhosting provider, or you can choose that we host the website on our servers. You will receive the necessary training to work with the system.
    6. We can optionally guide you with promoting the product, through means of advertisement and making search engines index your service in a good way.
    7. Finally, it is possible to agree on a service contract. This means that we will be available for you for an X amount of hours per month in case of an incident or when you have a request for additional implementations.


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